Summer Menus

Summer Menu Available June 20

Moonshadows Restaurant Summer 2019 Menu

Avocado Coconut Soup

Tacos al Pastor
Marinated Pork Loin/ Grilled Onions & Peppers/ Jack Cheese(d) / Lettuce/ Pico De Gallo /Two Flour Tortillas(g)

Rich Egg Custard /Caramel

Cup of Soup – Freshly Made in House

California Rolls
Sticky Rice / Sesame Seeds / Nori / Shrimp / Avocado / Wasabi / Pickled Ginger / Sweet Soy Sauce (s)

Blue Crab Terrine
Lump Crab/ Mascarpone Cheese (d)/ Spinach / Mango Salsa / Lavash crackers (g)

Arancini (g)
Deep Fried Risotto / Mozzarella Cheese (d) / Tomato Basil Jam

Spanish Ceviche (r)
Fresh Fish / Shrimp / Scallops / Lime / Spicy Chilis / Onions / Cilantro Oil / Crispy Flatbread (g)

Caponata (v)
Crostini (g)/ Warm Blend of Roasted Eggplant / Roasted Garlic / Roasted onion / Tomato / Capers / Toasted Pine Nuts

Fried Green Tomato Caprese (g)
Cornmeal Breaded Green Tomatoes / Fresh Mozzarella (d) / Fresh Basil / Balsamic Reduction / Spicy Sweet Chilis / Herb Oil

Summer Melon Salad (v)
Fresh Young Greens / Watermelon / Cantaloupe / Honeydew / Carrot Ribbons /Toasted Almonds/ Blackberry Vinaigrette

Rainbow Caesar Salad
Romaine / Carrots / Sweet Peppers / Pickled Red Onions / Pecorino Cheese (d) / House Croutons (g) / Creamy Garlic Dressing

Spinach Peach Salad
Baby Spinach / Feta Cheese (d) / Peaches / Heirloom Tomatoes / Cucumbers / Pickled Red Onions / Poppy Seed Dressing

(r)Raw or undercooked meats, seafood or poultry may be a health hazard.
(d) Contains Dairy (v) Vegan (g) Contains Gluten (s) Contains Soy

Brazilian Sirloin Steak (r)
Grilled & Sliced / Brazilian Spices / Chimichurri Rojo / Pan Roasted Potatoes / Green Beans with Garlic & Onions
6oz portion……$19           12oz portion…..$29

Pineapple Brined Chicken Half (s)
Tomato Miso Glaze / Seasonal Vegetables / Basmati Rice Pilaf

Twin Lump Crab Cakes (g)
Wasabi Lime Remoulade / Seasonal Vegetables / Basmati Rice Pilaf
One cakes…..$19 Two cakes…..$29

Korean BBQ Rabbit (s) (d)
House made Chow Chow / Savory Herbed Polenta

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin (r)
Pear Compote / Seasonal Vegetables / Pan Roasted Potatoes

Grilled Jumbo Shrimp
Rice Noodles / Seasonal Vegetables / Tomato Saffron Broth

Pan Seared Valarosso Sustainable Salmon (r)
Tzatziki / Tabbouleh

Polenta Napoleon (v)
Savory Polenta Cake / Portobellos / Sweet Roasted Red Peppers / Spinach / Heirloom Tomatoes / Basil Pesto Coconut Cream

Black Eyed Pea & Corn Rosti (v)
Pan Fried Potato Cake with Black Eyed Peas, Green Onion, Corn & Risotto Filling / Herbs and Spices / Seasonal Vegetables / Red Carrot Puree
One cake ……$12              Two cakes ……$16

Grilled Marinated Tofu Steaks (s)
Firm Grilled Tofu / Marinated Heirloom Tomatoes / Mediterranean Olives / Onions / Spicy Sweet Peppers / Feta Cheese (d) $16

(r)Raw or undercooked meats, seafood or poultry may be a health hazard.
(d) Contains Dairy (v) Vegan (g) Contains Gluten (s) Contains Soy

Cup of Soup – Made fresh in house

Eggs Benedict (g) (r)
Sliced Baguette / Poached Eggs / Hollandaise (d) / Fried Potatoes
Spinach & Tomato……$8      Smoked Ham……$11       Honey Smoked Salmon……$14

Spanish Frittata Pie
Crisp Potato Crust /Chef’s Choice of Ingredients/ Vegetables / Creamy Egg filling (d) / Side Caesar Salad

Omelet Du Jour
Seasonal Ingredients & Fried Potatoes

Breakfast Prince Oscar (r)
4 oz Sirloin / Crab Cake / Poached Eggs/ Hollandaise (d) / Vegetables

Cheddar Grits & Vegetables (d)
Stone Ground Grits / Cheddar Cheese / Creole Sauce $6
                Fish ……. $10       Shrimp……$12

Sweet Crepes (g)
Sweet Ricotta Filling (d) / Fresh Fruit

Black Eyed Pea & Corn Rosti (v)
Fried Potato Cake / Black Eyed Pea & Corn Filling/ Red Carrot Puree / Seasonal Vegetables
One cake $12

Breakfast Quesadilla (g) (r)
Eggs / Bacon / Jack Cheese (d) / Flour Tortilla (g) /Avocado Salsa

The Rueben
Pulled Corned Beef / Rye Toast (g) /Sauerkraut / Russian Dressing / Swiss Cheese (d)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (g)
Bacon / White Cheddar (d) / Chili Aioli / Spinach / Pickled Red Onion

Breaded Pork Cutlet Cuban Sandwich
Pork Loin / Swiss Cheese (d) / Pickled Red Onions / Dijon Mustard / Ham / Crusty Roll (g)

(r)Raw or undercooked meats, seafood or poultry may be a health hazard.
(d) Contains Dairy (v) Vegan (g) Contains Gluten (s) Contains Soy

$5 each

Seasonal Bread Pudding

Chocolate Truffle Torte

Dark Chocolate Flourless Torte / Bavarian Cream

Peach & Lemon Moonshadows Pie
Moist Lemon Cake Layers / Peaches & Pastry Cream Filling /Fresh Whipped Cream

Chef’s Choice Cheesecake

Homestead Creamery Premium Ice Cream
Espresso Chocolate Chip
Ala Mode – $2

  • Fresh Lemonade or Limeade  $3
  • Iced Tea  $3
  • Hot Tea  $3
  • Coffee or Decaf   $3
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Beverages / Orange or Lemon   $3
  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Water  $3
  • Orange Juice   $3
  • Apple Cider  $4
  • Milk   $2
  • Almond Milk   $3
  • Fruit Smoothie   $5


Love, Starr Hill BreweryHefeweizen5.00
Satan’s Pony, South Street BreweryAmber Ale 5.00
Vienna Lager, Devil’s Backbone BreweryLager5.00
Blue Moon Brewing Company Belgian White AleAle5.00
Northern Lights, Starr Hill BreweryIPA5.00
Bud Light, Anheuser BuschLight Lager4.00
Beck’s Non Alcoholic Beck & Co. BreweryNon Alcoholic 4.00
Draft Beer12 oz4.00
Draft Beer16 oz5.00


 5 ozBottle
Prosecco, Montelliana, Italy 7.0025.00
Oudinot, Brut, France54.00
Vueve Cliquot , Champagne, France130.00
Mimosa, Bellini7.00


 6 oz9 ozBottle
Ancient Peaks, Sauvignon Blanc 9.0013.5029.00
Cline, Viognier8.0012.5025.00
Shine, Gewurztraminer7.0010.5025
Martin Ray, Chardonnay10.0015.0032.00
Ox Eye Riesling10.0015.0032.00
Zenato, Pinot Grigio 7.0010.5024.00


 6 oz9 ozBotttle
Angeline,Pinto Noir8.0012.0026.00
Buenas, Tempranillo7.0010.5025.00
Alto Sur, Cabernet Sauvignon7.0010.5025.00
Lovingston, Rotunda Red10.0015.0032.00
Tilia, Malbec7.0010.5025.00
Valle Reale, Montepulciano D’abruzzo9.0013.5029.00


Choose four wines from our list for your sample flight           12.00